Year 12 ‘Schoolies’ – Victoria Police

Year 12’s welcomed Victoria Police Leading Senior Constable Sharon Patterson, Youth Resource Officer for Cardinia, to Berwick Grammar last week to chat about the upcoming celebrations that many students are looking forward to for after the completion of the Year 12 academic studies.

It was timely to discuss a range of important issues that face Year 12’s as they enter ‘Schoolies’.

There are a number of risks students can be faced with including – drugs, drink spiking, drag racing, fights, drink driving, Toolies and how they pray on both females and males. Sharon reminded students to always have your friends’ backs.

Ultimately we want everyone to have a great time, however, they choose to celebrate the end of their school years. Suggested strategies to deal with some of the risks include

  • have a plan before you go – think about your boundaries;
  • don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it;
  • don’t leave your friends on their own – always be mindful of your surroundings including knowing your accommodation details;
  • help your friends stay away from risky situations;
  • have a nominated person who hasn’t used drugs or alcohol to stay sober for that night/ or day; and
  •  think carefully before driving the next day.

There are many resources available on line including