Year 7 & 8 Student Leadership

After the challenges of camp, and getting to know each other in the first few weeks of term, Year 7 boys are now ready to undertake leadership roles in the school community.  Many leadership roles were open across our Year 7 and 8 cohorts, and I congratulate all the boys on their thoughtful and sophisticated applications and speeches.  At out student leadership morning on 13 March, we finalised this process with students carefully considering the nature of leadership and what their peers were doing to show it.  The most popular quote of the day was from John F. Kennedy: A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

Unfortunately, not all boys could receive a formal position of leadership, but true leadership does not require a badge – simply, as Kennedy suggested – a vision.

We encourage all our students to get involved in the many areas of the school community – especially our newer students.  The Environment and Social Service teams always invite students to become involved in their initiatives, as do the Student Representative Council.  Show leadership by volunteering in class or in the schoolyard or at school events.  True leaders always say ‘yes’ to opportunities to learn and grow and serve their community.