Year 7-9 Casey Tech School ~ Estate & Town Planning

Year  7 to 9 student set off on a 3-day challenge at Casey Tech School!

~Create and Design Your Own Estate~

Students were arranged into three teams. Each team corresponded to a different estate within a Town.  The teams were further divided into five groups: Estate committee, transport committee, infrastructure committee, mathematics committee, and parks committee. They were all responsible in planning and designing sustainable features for the community.

Students got to know their team. They were given a timeframe and guideline to help them complete tasks leading up to the final presentation of their Planned Estate.

Teams came up with a Town name, and attended committee briefing workshops. They discussed their responsibilities and brainstormed possible ways they can contribute to their estate.

Roles of each committee:

Estate committee: Oversea the planning of the estate, help facilitate discussion between all the committees and take on feedback and ideas. The estate committee makes the final judgements. Plan the location of infrastructure, roads, and parks.

Transport committee: Plan and program transport for the estate. Students were required to consider the following questions:

~Where will the bus stop be positioned?

~How long will the busses wait at the stop?

~What program will they use to code the route of the vehicle?

~Where will the traffic lights be positioned?

~Which program will be used to program the traffic light system?

Infrastructure committee: Decide on the types of institutions, buildings, and facilities that will be in the estate. Plan and design two buildings to be constructed manually using various materials or with the use of a 3D printer. Design a 3D virtual tour of the estate.

Mathematics committee: Figure out the scale and size of the buildings and roads. 1m = 2cm. Report to the other committees.

Parks: Design and build a model as well as a virtual tour of a park.

Congratulations to all the teams for their efforts and for successfully planning and designing a model of their Estate!

Ms Roxanne Liemareff
Science teacher