Year 7 and 8 21C Project

In the final week of Term 2 students in Year 7 and 8 at Berwick Grammar School were involved in a 21C project, to explore and solve the problem of Plastic in the Ocean.

Students worked in collaborative teams throughout the week to explore the issue from all perspectives, writing inquiry questions and undertaking research to understand how the pollution enters our waterway and what impact it is having on our ocean and the wildlife that lives there.  Each team participated in master classes to focus on STEM skills and then used a design process to brainstorm, develop and refine potential solutions.

Teams presented their research and a prototype of the solution to the School community on the final afternoon.  Staff and our senior students were certainly impressed by the clever thinking displayed and unique solutions proposed to this major environmental issue.

The week provided a great introduction to the Plastic Free Term 3 initiative which encourages students at BGS to choose to refuse single use plastics and tell everyone about their choice.

Ms Meg Fortington