Year 7 Creative Writing

Year 7 students have recently written creative and imaginative stories as preparation for their assessment task. They have used the picture of an astronaut sitting on a park bench as a stimulus.

We have been extending our vocabulary and the boys have been challenged to use their newly acquired knowledge in their writing. We have focused on adjectives, adverbs and some sophisticated nouns. A sample of some of their amazing sentences is here:

‘You stare at the floor wishing that terrible day never happened, but instead you’re morosely living in a real word dystopia’

‘The inky black tanks near the space station were empty, no fuel…..’

‘..the air smelt darker, the sky was dark, I was discombobulated.’

‘It was still raining. The memories spliced into my brain, the scars never heal….’

‘Earth got caught in this calamity. Now aliens are creating an apocalyptic atmosphere’

‘Everything went dull for a second. An opaque object soared through the sky….’

‘Bright azure walls capture your eyes’

‘The breathtaking memories make you swoon’

‘Blite slowly slithered outside his crater onto the surface of Quza 5’

‘…he used his zoom lens eyes to peek into the room’

Mr Ron Ruzzier
English teacher