Year 7 – Day of STEM – National Science Week

Year 7 students participated in the Day of STEM, National Science Week on the 16th of August. National Science Week is held yearly in August and aims to encourage young individuals to continue studies in Science.

Mr Xin introduced LittleBits to the Year 7 cohort. It was composed of two lessons.

What are LittleBits? LittleBits are Electronic Building Blocks. They are ‘bits that snap together with magnets to create circuits instantly’ – Little Bits in Australia. They are great resources to stimulate creative and problem thinking skills.

During the first lesson, the students familiarized themselves with the various ‘LittleBits’ mechanisms, their roles and functions and what they can do. They were given different challenges to replicate different circuits, investigate what would happen if a particular piece was changed or altered in some way and how that would affect the circuit. Students were also instructed to develop a circuit that they could use in their daily lives at home. Some ideas included a buzzer alarm (this one was the most popular), light switch and fan.

The second lesson gave the students an opportunity to elaborate on their knowledge of the various functions of the ‘LittleBits’ pieces. Lego parts were introduced in conjunction with ‘LittleBits’. Students had to work collaboratively, formulate an idea of application and implement the mechanism of the idea. The last 10 minutes was used for students to share their creations with the class and think of ways they can improve it for next time. The creations included a stage with flashing lights, motorbike, quadbike, helicopter, air-conditioning, and a satellite.

The Year 7 cohort very much enjoyed this project-based learning and thank Mr. Xin for his time and effort.

Ms Roxanne Liemareff