Year 7 Letters

Following up from a brilliant Orientation Day at the end of October, students at BGS are still buzzing with excitement about welcoming the Class of 2025.

There has been some follow up contact from 2020 House Captains, and also each new student entering Year 7 next year will shortly receive a letter penned by a Year 7 boy in their House.  These letters offered advice and friendship for the year ahead.  Popular were tips on which extra-curricular activities to join and how to manage having a locker and a timetable of different rooms and teachers.

Letters were personalized with the particular hobbies and interests of the recipient being kept in mind.

There were often inspirational memes, or tips on what it means to be in their House.

Here are the tips provided by Ashton Keramidas for the new Year 7 students…

  1. Learn how to use your lock for your lockers as most leave their locker unlocked.
  2. Print out your schedule and keep a copy in your locker and in your pocket.
  3. Do your homework as it is very helpful with the tests.
  4. Make sure your locker is very clean and organized.
  5. Pack your bag during lunch so as soon as the 3.00pm bell goes you can run and get a seat on the early bus (the bus before the normal 3:00pm bus)
  6. Last of all have fun as that matters a lot during Year 7 make sure to make friends and have a social life.

Ms Lauren Cook
Head of Senior Boys Wellbeing