Year 7 Parent Information Evening

Beginning Year 7 brings a lot of excitement and questions – for both students and parents.  So while our current groups of Year 7 students get to know each other and test their resilience on camp, we invited their parents into an informal night to talk about making the change to Berwick Grammar School.

The evening began with a greeting by Head of Campus Dr Steven Middleton who talked to parents about our ethos of Growing Good Men.  Then we interviewed two students who were in Year 7 last year about their experiences and advice. Tallis Pritchard came to us from the Junior School and Ashton Keramidas was brand new to our community in 2019.  Despite their different levels of experience with the school, their messages were largely the same – get involved!  Tallis is active in the choir and HPV programs and Ashton has also found a passion for our garden project.  Both boys also said the sense of community and the mentoring of the older boys was a highlight of Year 7 also reinforced the need to get organized with books and a study timetable.

Following this, several staff introduced the role they play in the life of the school.  Ms Cook, Head of Senior Boys, talked about the elements of our wellbeing program and how they cater to the needs of boys.  Heads of House Delanie Lewis and Andrew Lardner talked about the life of the House and Individual Learning Plans, which all students complete.  Parents were also introduced to Mrs Fiona Foreman in her new role as Director of Academic Growth for BGS students in Years 7 – 9.

Later, parents commented on the genuine sense of community and warmth of the evening, and how wonderful it was to begin to have face to face conversations with key stakeholders.

Ms Lauren Cook
Head of Senior Boys