Year 7 Stringybark Camp

We had a terrific time at Stringybark Lodge with every Year 7 girl attending. The weather has never been better in the middle of May. All the girls had the opportunity to experience every activity including orienteering, canoeing, caving, abseiling, mountainbike riding and camping.

The teachers and group leaders were full of praise for each girl. On so many occasions, they witnessed girls who were encouraging, tolerant and willing to help themselves and others in their group. There were girls who found parts of the camping experience or the activities challenging, however, they were able to work through these challenges with a determination to succeed.

Sincere thanks to the teachers who were so caring and encouraging and who also left their homes to spend the week with the students. Mrs Emily Bermingham, Mrs Amanda Neil, Ms Brigid Alexander, Mrs Deb Coffey and Mrs Grace Kamuyu are all mothers (or soon to be mothers) who each ‘adopted’ 11 girls for the week. Thanks also to the team at Halls Outdoors who, as always, looked after us very well.