Year 7 to 9 Mental Health and Wellbeing Day

Berwick Grammar School is very investing in positive mental health for young men.  To round out our 2019 academic year, we decided to complement our ongoing wellbeing program with a full day focused around hitting home the key messages we feel are important for boys.

The day began with a talk on Mental Health by experts Annemarie and Jason.  Annemarie is a trained Teen Mental First Aid facilitator who often works in this space to ensure young people understand mental illness and how to support themselves and others.  Jason was kind enough to share his personal story with mental illness and with gratitude to overcome many challenges, both physical and emotional. This was incredibly inspiring for the boys – to hear about his transformation.

The middle session focused on taking some time out for self care, and boys were able to select a form of relaxation that best suited them, from sport to reading, board games or art.  Some of the boys event adventured out geocaching with Ms Lewis. It’s important for young men to acknowledge the need for self-care and “switch off time” during stressful situations.

The final session of the day addressed bullying and being a good friend to others.  Terrific messages for our Growing Good Men Project.

Ms Lauren Cook
Head of Senior Boys Wellbeing