Year 7 Waratah Bay Camp

The Year 7 boys embarked on a five-day program with the Outdoor Education Group (OEG) as a part of their year level theme of Discovery. The boys undertook full responsibility for the packing of their belongings, leaving out creature comforts such as a pillow! Once packs were full, tent and cooking equipment was added to ensure that sleeping and eating requirements were not overlooked, with bulging packs, the boys safely lifted them to their backs and hiked into their first camp ground.

Surfing was a highlight for many boys on camp. After a thorough lesson about how to spot and stay safe in a rip, followed by standing strategies for ‘goofy’ and ‘natural’ footers, it was into the surf of Sandy Bay to put into practice the lesson learned. Many students’ previous experience with surfing lessons on earlier camps allowed them to hone their skills quickly and soon they were up on their feet and riding the waves all the way into the shore.

The 20 kilometre bike ride between Waratah Bay and Walkerville South tested many as they encountered hills that were deceptively steep. The boys tackled each section of the journey with gusto and determination to succeed and push beyond their initial limitations.

While hiking with a pack is not always an attractive activity, the boys relished the opportunity to get to know each other better and support those who found it difficult at times. It was encouraging to see young men supporting their friends when they were experiencing difficulty.

While camp was enjoyed by many, an overwhelming theme was that the vegetables they prepared for themselves needed to be chopped at a more palatable portion size. Upon reflection they have realised that this is a skill many of them need to develop as they move forwards in life and school camp at Berwick Grammar School.

The skills of friendship, tolerance and patience are ones that we will continue to develop as the boys move through their discovery phase of Year 7 at BGS.

Ms Kate Jackson
Year 7 Coordinator