Year 8 Geologists!

Berwick Grammar School continued business as usual during the Online Distance Learning Experience, prompting teachers to go above and beyond as usual to cater for the diverse needs of all boys at the school. Although students were not bound to the classrooms and hallways of the school, they were able to interact with one another via Teams Video Calls and Chats. Interacting with each other in the cloud and were provided with immediate feedback.

Year 8 students completed the unit on Geology! It was great to see so much excitement revolving around the topic! They learnt that sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks contain minerals and are formed by processes that occur within Earth over a variety of timescales. They also investigated how knowledge of the location and extraction of mineral resource relies on expertise from across the disciplines of science – sourced from the Victorian Curriculum.

They consolidated their knowledge and understanding of the Rock Cycle by carrying out an activity using chocolate or starburst lollies. One which they were very excited to complete. They followed a method and took photos of each step which they uploaded onto OneNote.

Option 1: Starburst lollies activity


  1. Cut one of each colour of Starburst into fourths, these will acts as sediments.
  2. Compact the pile of Starburst sediments together but do not form them, this will act as the Sedimentary Rock.
  3. Apply heat and pressure to the ‘Sedimentary Rock’ with your hands or press into a zip lock bag/Starburst bag. It can be any shape and will act as the Metamorphic Rock.
  4. Place the ‘Metamorphic Rock’ in a small bowl or a small plate and heat it in a microwave for approximately 30 seconds to change the ‘Metamorphic Rock’ into Magma.
  5. When the ‘Metamorphic Rock’ has cooled it will become an ‘Igneous Rock’.
  6. When weathering and erosion happens it will turn the ‘Igneous Rock’ into sediments.