Year 8 Languages Excursion

On Thursday 26 October all Year 8s were given opportunities to experience the culture of their second language. French classes enriched their intercultural understanding and appreciation of some of the French art masterpieces from the 17th, 18th and early 19th century in the National Gallery of Victoria, and Chinese classes explored the fascinating history of Australians of Chinese ancestry. Both study tours were led by professional guides, passionate about their subject and very complimentary of the positive attitude and level of engagement in learning of our students.

Year 8 students Alana Delaney and Frankie Lemont wrote a report on this experience and their last few comments reflect their appreciation of this experience:

After visiting the NGV, the French students hopped on a tram and made their way to China Town to meet up with the Chinese students who had been on a similar excursion to a Chinese museum. In China Town, the French and Chinese students of year 8 enjoyed a delicious meal at a Chinese restaurant. This is what concluded our entertaining yet educational day. It was an extremely enjoyable experience and future year 8’s should be looking forward to the many opportunities like this one.

On their return to school in Period 6, our Language students participated in a debrief session in which French and Chinese students paired up to share experiences and add further to their learning about another culture.

Special thanks must go for the organization of this very successful excursion to Mrs Hutchinson, Ms Fan and Mrs White.

Mrs Marianne Welton
Learning Leader Languages