Year 8 Shelters

The Year 8 Science students have been working hard all term designing and constructing environmentally sustainable homes. Their brief was to design a home that could be constructed in any of the new developments in the Casey growth corridor as an example of sustainable housing. The girls’ efforts culminated in an exhibition on November 22, with each group proudly presenting their homes to approximately 400 staff, students and parents. Our guest judge, Ms Charlene Cornell, commended all the girls on the breadth and depth of the research that they used to help design their homes. All of the visitors were very impressed with the innovative technology that was included, such as floor tiles that generate electricity from footsteps and using food scraps to create gas for cooking.

‘Shelters’ is an annual project-based learning event that allows the students to develop important 21st century skills. Well done to all the year 8’s on your success during the shelters project.

Ms Merrin Keir
Year 8 Science teacher