Year 8 Walhalla Camp

A visit to the historic township of Walhalla for camp, offered our Year 8 students the opportunity to learn about the rich history of the mining town. The boys visited the Long Tunnel Extended Mine and many were fascinated by the environmental impacts of mining, including the leaching of arsenic into the nearby creek.

The physical challenges of the camp, hiking and sports rafting lead, to the development of teamwork and tested their endurance. Fletcher Kaintz commented ‘it was fantastic, what we did rafting on the river and we saw some beautiful sights along the way’.

Our young men were also tasked with becoming more independent ‘the challenge of cooking our own food and rafting was a tough but fun experience’, commented Ovin Jayawardana.

By the end of the week the boys were working as a cohesive unit, to make sure meals were prepared and everything was cleaned up.

We speak about Growing Good Men here at Berwick Grammar School, but testament to this, is the boys going out of their way to help two international students, who were trying to set up their tent in the dark. The boys also battled through, homesickness, rain, and cold nights, but have become more self-reliant and team oriented in the process.

Ms Alice Carlisle
Year 8 Coordinator