Year 8 Wilsons Prom

Camp was a fantastic start to Year 8! It began on Monday when we boarded the bus to Wilsons Prom. We were hopeful but a little bit nervous for what awaited us. When we arrived, we split off into our groups as it began to pour with rain – not the most encouraging start to camp. Alas, we set off to our different activities, some groups went paddle boarding while others hiked up Mt Oberon.

Paddle boarding was a highlight of Year 8 camp. On Tidal River, we learnt to balance on our boards (with some obstacles) and paddle with our oars.  This challenging first day taught us resilience and to always stay positive!

Each student was put into a group to suit their abilities. Some groups hiked to other campsites for two nights while others did one. During our hikes we witnessed beautiful views from many of the beaches at Wilsons Prom. Over the course of the week we set up and took down our tents – for what seemed like a million times, but by the end we were pros. We cooked our own food, as well as cleaning the dishes after. This helped foster our skills of cooperation and initiative.

It was also nice to see the students from Berwick Grammar and to get to know them better. By the end of the week, we grew closer as a year level and as friends. Year 8 camp was a blast!

Claire Anderson & Ananya Srihari
Year 8 students