Year 8 Wilson’s Prom

Adventure, courage, resilience, fun and friendship are all words that come to mind when reflecting on the Year 8 Camp to Wilson’s Promontory. Students took part in a variety of experiences, from stand up paddle boarding to pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones and climbing the heights of nearby mountains. Students overcame challenges presented by the weather, taking it in their stride as the rain pelted down and the wind blew. In spite of this, it was wonderful to see them supporting each other to gain the most from their trip, and they certainly enjoyed the calmer weather later in the week. Students combined efforts to learn about, and help restore some native habitats, such as the breeding grounds of the vulnerable hooded plover. The girls and boys of St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar strengthened connections and friendships through their shared experiences, realising that they could overcome obstacles by working together to achieve a common goal. Most importantly, they had a lot of fun and reflected that it had been a great camp. The culmination of their adventure was fitting, with students coming together to enjoy beach games. The sun shone and smiles were plentiful.

Mrs Bronwyn Huisintveld
Senior teacher