Year 9 Career Voyage Program

Thinking about the future and all of the possibilities that are out there is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience. The Year 9 Berwick Grammar School students took an active first step in starting their career research by completing some activities through the Career Voyage Program.

The students completed an occupational interest quiz, which produced a Career Interest Profile, highlighting the student’s broad job areas they most identify with. The job areas include: Technology and Science, Finance and Economics, Art and Design, Biological Sciences and Medicine, Language and Literature and the final interest type, Social Service and Health Care.

Based on the student’s answers they received a list of 40 occupations as suggestions. Many boys then started researching potential occupations and further study required.

I was impressed with the level of enthusiasm and engagement shown by the boys with most feeling the profiles were an accurate reflection of their ideas and interest they currently have.

It has given them a great foundation to consider what occupation they would like to explore for their work experience in 2019!

Work Experience is another super important step with students researching, exploring and engaging in the world of work!