Year 9 Career Voyage

Our Careers program from Year 9 through 12 is based around student self-development, career exploration and career management. Recently Year 9 students at our senior boys campus were highly engaged in a career exploration activity. Students used a career interest tool called Career Voyage to answer many questions around their interests and their work preferences.  The Career Voyage quiz results anchors as a starting point with some suggested careers/ jobs that may suit the students. Many of the boys felt the quiz was aligned with their current ideas for possible careers.

As part of the session the students then researched two careers that were identified (or ones they particularly liked already) and spent time looking at specific details around prerequisite subjects and the further education and training required to move into that particular job. They also looked at projected industry growth and personal requirements necessary for the role. Of particular interest for many of the boys was identifying possible weekly earnings!

The boys were reminded this is a starting point for their research and that there are many resources they can use to develop their thinking and planning. It was fantastic to listen to the conversations the boys were having and to feel the enthusiasm they had for researching options for their futures!

Mrs Jodie McCarthy
Careers Practitioner