Year 9 City Cite Journey

As I reflect on two very busy weeks in Melbourne on the Year 9 City Cite program, I am reminded of the wonderful students that we have the privilege of teaching at St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School. From the hustle and bustle of peak hour journeys on packed trains, to the serenity of Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens and Shrine of Remembrance, the students experienced the dichotomy of contemporary life in our city. Navigation, time management and collaboration skills were tested. Attitudes, comfort zones and values were challenged. We are proud of the students’ accomplishments with their research assignments and are delighted with how they grew in confidence and independence.

Here is a brief snap shot of some of the student’s reflections.

“I am very glad that the school gave us the opportunity to do City Cite, which will definitely help us in the future if we ever work or study in the city. We have learnt so much and gotten through so many train rides with each other, and we formed bonds with lots of new people”. Rachel Chen.

“For me, City Cite was a way I could connect with myself and with the people around me, not to mention the city too. I especially liked how we were allowed to travel independently, roam the city and complete our research. It was a nice break from the instructions and reminders we are usually given at school. Alongside this, it gave me the chance to develop more of my social and personal skills too”. Rajsi Verma.