Year 9 Reef Journey

Year 9 students had the opportunity to spend 6 days exploring the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest with a particular focus on Geography and Science. The following is an excerpt of a reflection from one of the students:

During the geography fieldwork that took place on the Reef Journey camp, we learned how to construct a transect profile of the rainforest where we were staying, in Crocodylus Village. During this activity, I enjoyed gaining a better understanding of the surrounding rainforest and being able to view the wide variety of rainforest plants that we had been investigating in class. When visiting the Daintree rainforest discovery centre we learnt more about the endangered species of the Cassowary, investigating their importance to the rainforest ecosystem and discovering the threats that are posed towards them. At the discovery centre we walked along many boardwalks that ventured deep into the rainforest where there were pieces of information displayed which helped us gain knowledge of the surrounding and provided further information. While on Fitzroy Island, we were given the time to consider some threats that are posed by humans towards the reef, and learn about how these threats could be limited or stopped. I enjoyed this activity as it assisted me with becoming more aware of how I can help reduce the impacts on the reef as an individual while snorkelling and spending the day on Fitzroy Island. 

Mr David Bennett
Year 9 Coordinator