Second Hand Uniform Shop

The Parents' and Friends' Association runs the Schools Second-Hand Uniform Shop.

Our Secondhand Uniform Shop is kindly run and managed by the Schools Parents’ and Friends’ Association. The shop:

  • provides quality pre-loved uniform at a price that eases the accessibility of uniform to all families in our community.
  • provides a facility for families to benefit from selling their uniform to the next family.
  • provides a service that actively addresses the issue of textile wastage by recycling quality uniform, and raising the awareness of responsible Re-use, Reduce, Recycling of all clothing and textiles.

Through the shops, you can buy and sell quality, pre-loved uniform where prices can be 50% below the price of a new uniform item.

For enquiries, pricing or to make an appointment please email the Team at

Selling Uniform Items

The Second-Hand Uniform Shop can sell school items you no longer need. Please visit Nexus for further information.