Year 10 Art and Design (Officer Campus)

About this Course

Year 10 Art & Design is an ever-evolving curriculum specifically tailored to each cohort of students that blends traditional art practices with the latest technology to develop a wide range of skills for the future workforce. The teachers of this subject leverage industry experience and contacts to apply creative and technical skills in current digital software and emerging technologies including 3D modelling and AI-generated imagery alongside classic techniques like drawing, painting, sculpture, and printmaking.

The course provides exposure to three key fields including industrial design, environmental design and communication design. Students respond to given briefs for real clients, which may include creating cover art for musicians, designing posters for school events or documenting flatpack furniture to be mass-produced using a flatbed CNC router. Through the curriculum, students gain hands-on experience with manufacturing technologies like 3D printing, vacuum forming, CNC and laser cutting, which enables them to create intricate prototypes and test them through iterative design.


The Year 10 Art & Design course is structured to develop students’ creative and technical abilities through a variety of tasks which are determined based on the skills, interests and preferred pathways of each group of students. The course’s assessment structure is focussed on formative assessment through long-term, student-led tasks. Students receive comprehensive feedback on their progress throughout the course.

Future Pathways

The Year 10 Art & Design curriculum is designed to prepare students for future studies in a wide variety of fields. The course equips students with the creative and technical skills necessary to pursue careers in design, media and visual arts as well as future jobs in creative fields that have yet to be defined. Study in this subject provides a foundation for students interested in pursuing further studies in VCE Art, Visual Communication Design, Product Design Technology, and Media. By the end of the course, students have a portfolio of work that showcases their skills and creativity, which they can use to advance their careers and academic pursuits.