Year 10 Computing

About this Course

Not so long ago the first website was created – now there are over a billion websites. The amount of data created and collected is staggering and we are living in the Information Age. In Computing students explore the history and development of the internet and world wide web and the use of pure html and web authoring tools to create multimedia websites for different purposes. The course incorporates many creative tools such as, Character Animator, Photoshop, Animate that allow for the design and development of resources such as images, animations and video for use online. Students investigate issues related to the amount of data available today and develop skills and strategies for working with data, taking spreadsheet skills to a new level. Throughout the course, students will explore how digital systems manage data, they will analyse and visualise data to create information and develop effective digital solutions for an intended audience.


Assessment tasks are Computing are based on practical elements, that include, the development of websites, a folio of resources (animations, video, images) that can be utilised in various solutions, data handling skills and on knowledge and understanding of essential computing concepts covered throughout the subject.