Year 10 Elite Sport

About this Course

Elite Sport provides an insight into the nature and concepts undertaken in the study of VCE PE. Undertaking this elective allows students the opportunity to participate in a range of physical activity opportunities aimed at applying theoretical concepts. In doing so, students demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of key physiological concepts. 

The Semester comprises of 3 units of approximately 6 weeks each. 

Unit One: 

In this unit, students explore the cardiorespiratory systems and mechanisms associated with the production of energy required for human movement. Through practical activities, we examine the responses to these systems and the way in which energy for activity is produced by the three energy systems. 

Unit Two: 

In this unit, students explore the health related and skill related fitness components including their relevance in sport and performance. Through practical activities, students will identify relevant areas of fitness and develop a battery of fitness assessments to demonstrate each fitness component. They will obtain and utilise data to identify strengths and areas for improvement by comparing individual data to relevant normative data. 

Unit Three: 

In this unit, students are introduced to the components required in the formation of an effective individual training program. Students explore and implement warm up, conditioning and cool down principles from a practical and theoretical perspective. They investigate ways fitness can be improved through the application of nominated training principles and methods. Students are introduced to the long-term changes that occur within the cardiovascular and respiratory systems that improve fitness in endurance-based activities.