Year 10 Food Studies

About this Course

Year 10 Food to Nourish the Soul. 

Food provides comfort, stimulates endorphins, and nourishes our mind and memories. 

This unit investigates the influences and consequences of food choice and fosters the enjoyment of cookery, encouraging imagination and creativity. Students develop an understanding of the concepts of health and individual human development as well as providing experiences using a broad range of materials and technology in food preparation.  

The study utilises theory and a significant practical component to demonstrate and apply the relationship between food and health. Students investigate the world of food, super foods and Indigenous ingredients, whilst researching and designing products and menus in relation to different design briefs. Students will also study food styling and photography, investigate food choices and community food services and learn about aspects pertaining to food labelling.  


Year 10 Food Masterclass (Hospitality) 

The Year 10 Masterclass curriculum provides a deeper understanding of the food industry and the ever-changing trends resulting from education, technology and multiculturalism. The course will extend students skills in meal preparation and event planning with an emphasis of Multicultural cuisine. The course will directly encompass the Australian Curriculum and the need to ‘create community interventions’ and ‘connect to the community. Examine social, cultural and economic factors that influence the health behaviours of people in their community”.  

The study has a theoretical and practical component based on students exploring what is available within the local community and being encouraged to share their cultural celebrations and traditions, festivals and distinctive menu choices.  

Entrees, mains and desserts, inspired by cultural events from around the world will be explored and tastes will be investigated. The use of fresh herbs and spices lead into an investigation of the medicinal functions of herbs and spices in our and other cultures’ cuisines.  

The Semester culminates with a class function involving students inviting guests to experience a carnival of multicultural food. Students are responsible for planning and preparing the celebration.  

The curriculum requires students to advance their intrinsic ability to work independently. Students will develop their ability to work individually, manage their time, their organizational skills and ultimately production outcomes. Individual Journals including food photography and self-reflections depict the semester journey.  

These two semester-based elective courses serves to extend the students culinary skills and experiences of preparing food and also provides an excellent foundation for students interested in undertaking the VCE subjects Health and Human Development and/or Food Studies.