Year 10 Health and Physical Education

About this Course

The Year 10 HPE course supports students to identify, refine and apply strategies for maintaining a positive outlook and investigates health and physical activity information to reflect, consider and look to implement personalised plans for maintaining safe, healthy and active lifestyle habits.  

The course investigates and supports the development of preventive behavioural and health practices that build and optimise individual and community health and wellbeing. 

Practical participation in Physical Education presents students with the opportunity to explore a range of lifestyle and recreational activities aimed at contributing to active participation for all and the continued development of a positive attitude towards lifelong physical activity.  

The curriculum also provides opportunities for students to refine and consolidate personal and social skills in demonstrating leadership, teamwork and collaboration in a range of activity settings. 

The focus areas addressed in Year 10 Health and Physical Education include: 

  • alcohol and other drugs 
  • food and nutrition 
  • health benefits of physical activity 
  • mental health and wellbeing 
  • relationships and sexuality
  • safety  
  • games and sports (including ultimate frisbee, table tennis, bocce, croquet, finska, golf, squash, beach volleyball and badminton 
  • lifelong physical activities (such as 1000 steps, recreational hikes, yoga, pilates, personal fitness programs and self defence)