Year 10 English

About this Course

With a focus on developing literary appreciation, interpretation, and expression, this course aims to empower students to become discerning readers and articulate communicators. Through collaborative activities, writing assignments, and reflective assessments, students will deepen their understanding of literary elements, literary devices, and literary criticism, fostering a lifelong love for literature and a deeper connection to the power of storytelling. Delve into the depths of timeless classics and contemporary masterpieces as we traverse various genres, styles, and cultures. From the compelling narratives of renowned authors to the profound insights embedded within poetic verses, this course is designed to ignite your passion for literature and cultivate critical thinking skills.

This course introduces students to the world of Literature whilst enhancing the literacy skills learnt in a mainstream English course. Students interpret, evaluate, discuss, and critically consider a range of literary forms including but not limited to poetry, prose, and plays. The texts span across centuries and vary in their deliberate use of language and purpose; students will learn to critically evaluate texts by reading with specific literary perspectives including gendered, Marxist, eco-critical and psychoanalytical, whilst immersing themselves in the world of the text to evaluate context and how language creates meaning. They will consider whether literary texts possess universal qualities and evaluate their modern-day relevancy, whilst also experimenting with language features, stylistic devices, and text structures. Students will be assessed according to the Level 10 Victorian Curriculum Achievement Standards: English, meaning that they will be assessed on Reading and Viewing, Writing, and Speaking and Listening.