Year 10 Music

About this Course

In Year 10 Music, students embark on an exciting journey of musical discovery, as they use their voices, instruments, and cutting-edge technology to create and respond to music independently, in small groups, and with their teachers and wider community. By exploring music as a unique art form through listening, composing, and performing, students are empowered to develop a personal voice as composers, performers, and discerning audience members. 

Throughout this course, students are challenged to continue to develop their listening skills, while building upon their knowledge of the key elements of music. They are encouraged to explore more complex performance techniques, compositional devices, and forms, and to delve deeper into diverse styles and genres. By building upon their understanding of how musicians communicate with audiences in solo and ensemble contexts, students develop a heightened awareness of the powerful impact that music can have on the listener. 

Additionally, students are taught to maintain safety, correct posture, and technique when utilizing their voices, instruments, and technologies. They are introduced to music from a variety of cultures, times, and locations, which enables them to evaluate performers’ and composers’ success in effectively communicating their ideas and intentions. By identifying the unique characteristics of performance styles and genres, students learn about the transformative potential of music in different cultural contexts, and how musicians can use their technical and expressive skills to inspire and challenge audiences at local, national, and international levels. 

 There are 5 Teaching Units in the Course 

  • Solo Performance – Analysis, Preparation and Performance 
  • Performance Preparation – Knowing Your Music 
  • Musicianship – The Language of Music 
  • Film Scoring – Music that makes a Film effective 
  • Composition Folio – Digital Composition Unit