The conditions were cold, wet and muddy – but so were the conditions for the ANZACs as English and Humanities teacher Greg Ashcroft pointed out to the boys on the day.

A stunning number of boys joined staff and the girls from St Margaret’s on their march from the RSL on Langmore Lane to the Cenotaph in Berwick.  How proud we were to see so many boys showing respect for those who fought – and sometimes died – to protect the freedoms that we may take for granted.  Our entire cohort of captains, led by school captains Noah Kent and Sean Dack, marched  and many other boys joined in the march too, with others lining the Main Street of Berwick with family and friends.  It was wonderful too to see the faces of so many ‘old boys’ in the crowd – showing that community spirit was a value fostered by their time with us, and one that lasts long after school finishes.

Ray Heathcote spoke to us about the nature of service and sacrifice and how not just coming today, but also embodying the spirit of mateship shows support for all that ANZAC Day represents. This is something the boys of Berwick Grammar School can relate to – given the strong bonds forged within our own BGS Brotherhood.

ANZAC Day is one of those sober occasions – not to celebrate – but to commemorate the legacy of those who fought.  The boys all felt the power of the words ‘Lest We Forget’ as we uttered them.  Not just as a matter of course, but because remembering the past is the only way to ensure that we do all we can to limit this kind of loss of life in the future.

Ms Lauren Cook
Deputy Head of BGS – Wellbeing