Art, Design and Technology

We believe that exposure to the Arts through the classroom or via our program of activities is essential if we are to provide a rounded education for our students.

At St Margaret's Berwick Grammar we aim to meet the artistic and creative needs of all our students through both exposure to, and experience of Art from a variety of sources and cultures. Our rich and varied Arts program includes:

Students can access a range of arts programs so the meet their artistic and creative needs.

• Printing
• Painting
• Drawing
• Ceramics
• Photography
• Textiles
• Design
• Food studies
• Debating

Our student’s work is consistently recognised as some of the best student art produced in the state as we regularly have students exhibit their VCE projects at Top Arts at the NGV and at Bunjil Place.

Recent exhibitors have included Shae Jones (2019), Phobe Thompson (2020) and Jojo Zheng (2020).

We encourage the use of traditional, new, and emerging technologies in order for students to fully express themselves.

Learning is teacher-led through workshops to develop and extend students' skills.

Pupils are encouraged to work independently with one to one support so that they can develop their work and realise their potential. We encourage an interdisciplinary approach in all areas and encourage the use of traditional, new, and emerging technologies. Pupils are encouraged to develop their individual creativity and leave fully prepared to engage in 21st-century culture and employment.

View some of our recent Senior Girls Art