Class of 2021 VCE Results

After a second year of disturbed study and preparation for VCE, the students of St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar have achieved another year of wonderful VCE results gained in the toughest conditions by a truly resilient cohort of great people.

In partnership and with the support of their dedicated teachers, they learnt more about themselves as learners, rising to challenges of the new normal, displaying our School values of Courage, Curiosity, Character and Respect.

We acknowledge the outstanding results and achievements of our duxes: Natalie Eu of our Senior Girls who achieved an ATAR of 99.9; and Ryan Xie of our Senior Boys who achieved an ATAR of 97.2.

Our Senior Girls have continued their tradition of consistently strong results with 13% achieving an ATAR over 99 and 60% an ATAR above 80. Our Senior Boys have continued to build their academic success with 32% achieving an ATAR over 80 and 62% an ATAR above 70.

Four individual students also achieved perfect scores of 50 across four subject areas: English, Further Maths, Legal Studies and Physics.

As an open entry, non select school St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar is particularly proud that 70% of the 2021 graduating class are in the top 30% of the state. This is a true testament not only to the character of these wonderful students but also of the professional practice and dedication of our teaching staff. Both our students and staff have lived up to our motto ‘Virtute et Labore’ (Success through work).

We are proud of all our students and look forward to following the trajectories they take in life, with the same care and concern we felt for them at school.


Ms Annette Rome, Principal

Mrs Fiona Templar, President of Council


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