Outcomes and University

As a non-selective school, St Margaret's Berwick Grammar accepts students to the school with varying abilities. It is the school's aim to help the student achieve their best, preparing students for the next step in their journey and for life!

We achieve this through our world-class teaching staff, who work with students to progressively build their confidence and capabilities, providing the guidance these young people need to develop good study habits, helping them take control of their learning so that they can achieve their personal best. Our consistently strong results in NAPLAN and VCE are not only a testament to both the students' efforts and the quality of the teaching they receive but also of our Careers Team, who work with our students to provide the advice and guidance to try and ensure that every student progresses.  We are particularly proud of the outcomes and results achieved by all of our students.


The school’s NAPLAN results highlight the value the school provides to our students, with significant assessment gains made as to the student’s progress through the school.

Our 2022 Year 7 and 9 results show that our students performed ‘well above’ when compared to all Australian students.

NAPLAN results show that in every assessment category students performed well above Australian Students.

Senior Girls Dux of the School

Congratulations to Rachel Chen, 2023 Senior Girls School Dux achieving an ATAR of 99.50

Senior Girls VCE Outcomes

19% of students achieved a study score over 40

Median Study Score of 33

Median ATAR 82

Perfect Study Scores

  • Laila Van Wyk – English

In 2022 47% of students went on to study a STEM subject at university

In 2022 94% of students were offered university place in their Top 3 course choices

As an open entry, non-select school St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar is particularly proud that 78% of the 2022 graduating class are in the top 20% of the state. This is a true testament not only to the character of these wonderful students but also of the professional practice and dedication of our teaching staff. Both our students and staff have lived up to our motto ‘Virtute et Labore’ (Success through work).

71% of girls gained access to a Group of Eight University (Monash and Melbourne) and 47% choose to study a STEM subject in 2022.