Congratulations To The Class of 2022!

What a stunning year it has been at St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar! We have marvelled at the remarkable achievements of our young people across the breadth and diversity of our holistic offerings. Our strategic emphasis on the pursuit of excellence and achievement in Academia, Athleticism, Artistry and Adventure serves to provide a strong platform for every single student to strive to achieve their personal best in all endeavours. After the COVID obstacles of 20/21, this year has enabled young people to return from the challenges of remote learning and flourish in their cocurricular opportunities on our fields, in our theatres, as members of ensembles and in the wilderness. The renaissance of our great School continues rapidly as our young people thrive in so many ways. As a community, we should all share great pride in recognizing the wonderful year it has been.


Our Diamond Model for Education continues to prosper, providing opportunities for learning and growth in classroom and experiential settings, whilst enabling authentic co-educational experiences for social and emotional development.


In the VCE years, our Senior College establishes a culture for students to pursue their personal best in a setting which promotes wellbeing as a central ingredient to academic learning and performance. Our unique SPARC and Senior College Seminar program focuses students on their future, exploring career opportunities and study plans in a pre-tertiary environment.


Today we celebrate a tremendous set of VCE results, marked not only by a series of outstanding study scores and ATAR’s but also the resilience and commitment of a dedicated, determined and cohesive Class of 2022. We not only commend the efforts of our young people, but affirm all colleagues and members of our community who have contributed to an amazing sense of belonging and connection at our School. We cannot underestimate the impact of these elements to the creation of a culture which promotes and nurtures academic performance and individual growth. Whilst there are many wonderful highlights, the overall growth in our Median ATAR scores is one particular element of these results which reflects the outstanding performance of the Class of 2002. This is evident in the results of both girls and boys, with each percentage outcome increasing by 8% and 15% respectively. Median ATAR’s of 85 for our boys and 90 for our girls are a sensational result of this Class.


It is my absolute pleasure to share these wonderful results with our broader community.


Dr Annette Rome Phd.


Principal, St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar


Girls VCE Results

Boys VCE Results