Endeavour Presentation Night

On Thursday 8 November, the 2018 Year 9 cohort held their Endeavour Presentation Evening.

The evening, at the Cardinia Cultural Centre, is held to celebrate and reflect on the boys achievements throughout the Endeavour Program and was organised entirely by a committee of Year 9 boys. They coordinated the seating arrangements, dress code, running order, assigned students to speak about different aspects of the Endeavour Program, chose the menu, created a photo presentation and ensured that everything ran smoothly on the night.

It was wonderful to see the boys speak to their peers and their families about the experiences they have had, but more importantly, what they have learnt from these experiences. To speak in front of an audience of over 100 people is not an easy task, yet all the boys did a tremendous job. As their Coordinator, I was extremely proud of how all the boys conducted themselves on the night.

Mr Andrew Lardner