From the Principal – 20 September 2018

Holidays are a time for re-centering, recouping and recharging. They are a consolidation time for head and heart to ensure that we can reassess the ‘whys’, ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ that we believe important to live good lives.

We have had a huge term: musicals, concerts, sporting successes, experiential learning opportunities, initiation of building projects to name a few that all sit atop the day to day lives of busy schools such as ours. Our school continues to go from strength to strength. Enrolments are strong and we are increasingly being approached by other schools to learn from us. Our hosting of the ‘Day of Stem: Gamechangers and Changemakers’ was noticed across Australia. This event further cemented our place as one of the best schools for exploring the future of work and society.

We continue to work with individual children and families to do the best we can to support the young people to be the best they can be. Individual and group success have been many and I take particular pleasure in seeing a young person’s life change for the better.

The revised wellbeing and academic growth structure has been released to the community. Should anyone have any further questions or comments, I warmly invite you to the next Principal’s Morning Tea on Tuesday 13 November in the Rosanove Auditorium at which we can unpack the structure further. We believe that the revised structures will aid strengthened communication as well as stronger wellbeing and academic tracking of students.

The next Unicorn Series on November 22 ‘Happy to Learn and Learning to be Happy’ will focus on the links between wellbeing and effective learning and the broader community is warmly invited to that event.

I wish all students, families and their loved ones a great break. To the Year 12s, I know this is a time to prepare for that last round of school exams. Work carefully and hard, plan well and listen carefully to advice from your teachers. You will be OK.

Who knows what the next few weeks will hold in terms of global events? I do know, however, that I wish all our families a chance to exercise Courage, Curiosity, Respect and Character.

Have a great break

Ms Annette Rome