Head of Campus Update – Mrs Melissa Graham – 24 March 2016

Well first term has flown by so fast and there has been so much on it seems to have gone even more quickly, but I am happy to say that the term has allowed all our Junior School students and staff to settle into their learning environments, develop important relationships, set goals and establish routines that will ensure a smooth and effective start back after the holiday break.

We always consider Junior School to be a happy, caring, inclusive and connected place where everyone is valued and appreciated so our acknowledgement of Harmony Day on 21 March allowed us to celebrate this even further. With this year’s theme being ‘our diversity is our strength’ our students added a touch of orange to their uniforms and participated in various classroom activities to understand and appreciate this more.

Best wishes to everyone for a relaxing time with family and friends over the holiday break and we look forward to seeing all those bright and enthusiastic faces back on Tuesday 12 April.

Mrs Melissa Graham