HPV Update

How will we keep the HPV squad engaged? That was the question Mr Lardner asked us at the start of our Online Learning period. As the HPV Captains, we started brainstorming ideas and then put them into practice. To overcome the state of isolation and maintain our fitness, the Human Powered Vehicle team, along with parents and friends, have banded together to continue the regular Sunday morning group ride on the platform Zwift. This app is a virtual cycling app that allows the rider to train indoors with scheduled training regimes or ride around courses with as much realism as possible. This has allowed the teams some form of normality and a break from the office desk. Many of the riders have been fortunate enough to join us with spin bikes loaned from the school in an effort to keep fit and healthy during this time.

To stay connected as squad we have created a Team in Microsoft Teams for the students to interact with one another and keep in touch with the HPV community during these strange times. The Teams page has provided the opportunity for the comparisons of spin bike and trainer set ups and selecting your favourite song to add to our Ultimate HPV Playlist. Foodie Friday’s was also started up, where we have had various and interesting photos and videos of squad members making something in the kitchen. It has been awesome to see all the encouragement for those who are participating on these channels! Another major thing we have introduced to keep our squad connected is video conferencing – they’ve been a hit! We are running up to 3 meetings a week where we might play a Kahoot trivia quiz (with major bragging rights up for grabs), participate in a scavenger hunt or simply just catch up. Last week we had a session with students from year 5 – year 12 participating, keep one of the selling points of the squad alive – the opportunity to interact with students from various year levels.

Whilst we have missed racing in some of the events that were scheduled during the isolation period, it has been wonderful to continue to be able to interact with the squad via different mediums. Hopefully in the coming weeks, as the restrictions ease, we will be able to get back out on the bikes and the HPV’s.