Optus Cyber Security Challenge

On 30 May, I was invited to attend and speak at the Optus Victorian Cyber Security Awards at ACMI along with the members of my computing class.

During Semester 1, my classmates and I completed the Optus Cyber Security Challenge online. The aim of this program is to teach students and teachers about how data security, building an understanding of the fundamentals of information sharing, and how technology impacts on the transfer of personal data and protecting our digital identity is imperative.

Through this course, it was interesting to learn new aspects of cyber security and having the opportunity to express what I learnt from this program and my aspirations in the cyber security field at this event. I encourage all students to participate in some form of information technology course and to learn about cyber security as it plays in a key role of insuring that our technological future is secure, safe and available to all of humanity.

Trent Mitchell
Year 10 BGS