The Berwick Grammar School  Environment Team brings to you, ‘Plastic Free Term 3’.  It is an initiative that is linked to the banning of single use plastic bags and the ‘Plastic Free July’ movement.  The team is having this as an opt in pledge that asks our community to choose to refuse single use plastics and tell everyone about their choice.

The goal is that over the term students will learn that they can live without many of the common single use plastic items in society.  The top four are coffee cups, bags, straws and plastic bottles.  So remember your keep-cup (available at SMS and BGS reception), water bottle, re-useable bags and straws.  The team also have a number of cloth bags to house reusable cutlery for school.  A bag will cost $5.00 with its own vintage spoon and fork.

Every action we choose has an impact and we cannot recycle our way out of this mess.

What will be your pledge?

BGS Environment Team