Year 6 PYP Exhibition

This year’s Year 6 Exhibition at BGS was without a doubt a successful one. The boys showed more creativity, initiative and intelligence than ever before. The transdisciplinary theme, Where We Are in Place and Time, was engaging and interesting. Our students connected with many elements of this theme and then selected an issue that was of particular interest to them. From these, students were grouped and assigned a mentor to assist them through the remaining weeks of Exhibition. They then began creating their lines of inquiry in order to drive their research.

Due to our wonderful librarians and facilities, the students had access to credible and reliable sources that were helpful when researching about world issues and events.
It came time to take action and present their findings to the wider School community. Students identified how they could make a difference to the world in relation to their issue. Some created picture story books in order to educate younger people about animal cruelty, others chose to hand out bookmarks and quiz their visiting audience.
The boys impressed all with their collaboration skills, ability to make decisions as a group and well-rehearsed presentation skills. Well done Year 6 boys!