International Students Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment at St Margaret's Berwick Grammar School

English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS)

If required, students must enrol in an ELICOS course as per the conditions of offer, and at a provider preferred by the School. Evidence of the ELICOS enrolment, COE and CAAW must be provided to St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar immediately it is received by the student. Enrolment at, and the costs for the course, are paid directly to the ELICOS provider.

English Profiency

Once the ELICOS course has been completed the results and a report will be sent to the School. Based on these outcomes the school may then request the student to extend their studies at the ELICOS provider, or enrol in additional English as an Additional Language (EAL) classes upon commencement at St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School. Students will be allocated approximately two EAL study sessions, with a qualified teacher, during a fortnight study cycle. The cost to cover the EAL program is detailed in the School’s International Fees.

Health Cover

As a condition of enrolment for students holding an Australian student visa, private health cover must be purchased for the duration of study in Australia. A copy of the health cover certificate must be returned to the School prior to commencement.

Visa Grant Notice

A copy of the student’s Visa Grant Notice must be provided to the School immediately it is received, which must be prior to commencement at St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar.

Accommodation and Welfare

Appropriate accommodation and welfare play a crucial role in the overall success of an international student.  St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar is a Homestay School and does not approve of international students living alone or in shared accommodation with other students.  Homestay programs provide an opportunity for students to experience genuine Australian culture and enables them to immerse themselves in the English language.  Homestay is not available to any students under the age of 13 and it is preferred that students aged 13 – 15 live with a parent holding a Student Guardian Visa or a recognised family member.

If the child will be studying alone in Australia, then the School will select a suitable homestay which the School will vet/screen and monitor on a regular basis. This process includes police checks, interviews with homestay hosts, regular home visits and seeking feedback from the student.

The school will select homestays and provide options to the family.

Homestay students cannot change their accommodation without the express permission of the School. Permission to change accommodation maybe granted after the School gains an understanding as to why a student wants to move and following after a vetting process has been completed on new accommodation.

All Students at St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar have their welfare and wellbeing monitored by specialist staff. If an overseas student is under the age of 18, a parent, legal custodian, or an eligible relative can be nominated to take responsibility for the overseas student’s accommodation, welfare and support in Australia, however this is optional. The parent, legal custodian or eligible relative must have an appropriate visa or have applied for a Student Guardian visa (subclass 590). If approved by the Department of Home Affairs, the School will not issue a Confirmation of Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW). If the School accepts responsibility for the student’s welfare, a CAAW will be produced with the Confirmation of Enrolment (COE). Copies of Guardian Visa Grant Notice should be provided to the School prior to commencement.

If the student is studying in Australia alone, then the School is responsible for the welfare of your child and we have a network of welfare staff who will look after your child. To further support your child you may choose appoint a Support Person, who will advocate for your child while they are studying. This support person could be a family friend or homestay host.

St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar provides all support and general welfare arrangements for international students who are under the age of 18. The School does not outsource or contract our welfare and support arrangements to any other parties.


Once a student has enrolled, they must not be allowed to defer commencement of their studies, or suspend their studies, except on the grounds of illness, evidenced by a doctor’s certificate, or other exceptional compassionate circumstances beyond the control of the student, for example, bereavement. If the student defers or suspends their studies on any other grounds, they will be reported as not complying with their visa conditions.

Withdrawal, Deferment, Suspension or Cancellation

If a student is denied application for an Australian study visa or should an enrolment be cancelled prior to the commencement date, the application, acceptance, alumni and foundation fees are non-refundable. The tuition fees will be refunded under the conditions of the National Code 2018 and ESOS Act.

In the event that the course is unable to be provided by the School, the School will advise the parent/guardian in writing, giving reasons for this action. If the School is unable to organise an alternative course, the balance of any unspent tuition fees paid in advance will be refunded within 28 days, in Australian dollars, to the student or person specified in the written agreement. If after a refund, the student is unable to find an alternative course within 30 days, additional options will be made available through the Tuition Protection Service (TPS). This agreement and the availability of complaints and appeal processes does not remove the right of the student to take further action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.

One term’s notice in writing to the Principal is required for any student wishing to withdraw from their current course of enrolment. If this required notice period is not provided, no refund of tuition fees will be issued. All applications for refunds must be made in writing and submitted to the Principal.

Students will only be granted a deferment of commencement of studies for compassionate and compelling circumstances. This also applies to the suspension of studies where a student has already commenced studies at St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar.

Government Regulations

St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar is registered by the Australian Government to provide courses to International students. The Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). The Education Service for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS) and National Code 2018 set out the legal framework governing the delivery of education to International students studying at St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar on a student visa:

Protection of Students

St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar is a Childsafe employer and is committed to the welfare of the children in their protection. All employees, homestay providers, local support persons and volunteers are required to comply with the School’s Child Safe Policy and Code of Conduct.


The National Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act require the School to advise all families, future, current and past of the need from time-to-time to disclose personal information to the Australian Government and designated authorities or others who provide information related to the student’s educational needs. Information such as medical and personal details of students and their families will be held by the School, before and during the course of the student’s enrolment. The School will also hold information to assist with maintaining the School’s past student database.

The School has a duty of care throughout each student’s period of enrolment and may need to disclose to others such as organisers of excursions, camps and sports programs information to assist in the duty of care of your child. There will also be times when information may need to be disclosed regarding fund raising and social activities. St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar Privacy Policy can be viewed on the School’s website at

Complaints and Appeals

The School ensures that all students are valued equally. All students have the right to undertake the complaints and appeals process to resolve matters of concern related to the School. Students are asked to resolve issues with their class teacher in the first instance. If the matter cannot be resolved through mediation, it will then be referred to the Head of Wellbeing and the School’s internal formal complaints and appeals handling procedure will be followed. If International students wish to complain or appeal any decision of the school, contact the Overseas Students Ombudsman. The Overseas Students Ombudsman is free and independent. Details are available at

Student Transfer

Overseas students are restricted from transferring from their principal course of study for a period of six months. A letter of release will only be provided for a student who has been enrolled for less than one study period in exceptional, compassionate and compelling circumstances and is reviewed on a case by case basis.

Subject Selection

Students in Years 7 to 9 study English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Life Skills, Music and Drama. Students commencing Years 10, 11 and 12 will be required to complete a subject selection form prior to commencement at the school. Assistance with the completion of the subject selection form can be provided by St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar upon request.

Bank Guarantee / Indemnity Insurance

The school is covered by a guarantee from Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Payment of Course Fees

  • Tuition fees must be paid in Australian dollars and are paid in advance. One year’s tuition fees is required to accept offer, and subsequent fees will be billed in November the previous year. No student will be permitted to enter St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar while any fees remain unpaid. Students commencing study part way through the year will be billed the pro-rata tuition fee.
  • If the student changes visa status (eg. becomes a temporary or permanent resident), a copy of the Visa Grant Notice must be provided to the School. Fees may be adjusted at the School’s discretion but reserve the right to bill full international student’s fees for the duration of that calendar year
  • Any credit card or direct debit payment which is declined by the bank, for any reason, will attract an administration fee of $75.00
  • The school is entitled to withhold from releasing a student’s results until their tuition fees are paid
  • Tuition fees are not transferable to another person. All requests for refunds must be made in writing accompanied by some form of verification. Refunds will be paid to the person specified in the written agreement
  • All prices are quoted in Australian dollars ($AUD)
  • Fees are subject to increase at the School Council’s discretion with maximum notice provided where possible
  • If tuition fees have not been paid, the Department of Home Affairs will be notified and the student’s study visa could be cancelled
  • Sibling discounts are available and must be enrolled concurrently. Sibling discounts can be reviewed in the School’s International Fee Structure.


Students are entitled to full or partial refunds of tuition fees as outlined in the Withdrawal, Deferment, Suspension or Cancellation policy. In some cases, refunds may apply through the Tuition Protection Service (TPS).


St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar can accept no responsibility for the loss or damage to property belonging to parents or students. Parents are advised to arrange insurance for their child’s possessions whilst in Australia. Parents are required to authorise the school to obtain any medical treatment as is considered necessary by the Principal or a staff member acting on the Principal’s behalf. Parents are also required to indemnify the school for any expenses, loss, damage or liability incurred resulting from the school authorising and arranging medical treatment.

Code of Conduct

Students are expected to maintain a high standard of orderly behaviour. If a student fails to comply with set behavioural expectations as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct Policy, St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar, in consultation with the guardian and parents, will exercise the right to temporarily or permanently exclude the student from studies. In these cases, students must abide by the conditions imposed by the School. Students who are excluded from studies for more than 28 consecutive days will be required by DIBP to return to their home country unless special circumstances exist. All staff are expected to apply the school’s policy and rules fairly and without favour, but if a student believes that this has not occurred, the student may refer the matter to either the Head of Wellbeing or Head of School. If the student is not satisfied with the decision, they may ultimately refer the matter to the Principal for determination. Independent external mediation may also be sought if the matter cannot be resolved within the School.

Monitoring Student Course Progress and Attendance

Satisfactory course progress is constantly reviewed by academic staff and formally documented at the end of each semester as part of the formal reporting process. St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar will be proactive in notifying and counselling students who are at risk of failing to meet course progress requirements. Student attendance is checked and recorded daily, assessed regularly, and calculated over each term. Students returning to school after school holidays must join their classes on the dates fixed for commencement. Students are not permitted to leave school at the end of a term until the recognised closing date, except under special circumstances and with written approval from the Principal. Students at risk of breaching the school’s attendance requirements will be counselled and offered any necessary support. Parents/guardians must notify the school of any absence. Satisfactory course attendance requires overseas students to attend at least 80% of the scheduled course contact hours. All students at St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar must record at least 90% attendance throughout each year. Students are not permitted to be absent for more than five consecutive days without written approval from the School or the receipt of a doctor’s certificate.

The school is required by law to notify the Department of Home Affairs through Provider Registration and International Student Management System (PRISMS) when attendance or course progress requirements are not met. These students risk having their enrolment cancelled.

The information published in this document was correct at time of printing. All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD$) and relate to admission in the year of entry as per application. Payment of fees is regarded as acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment at St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar and confirmation family has read and understood the information from the School.

CRICOS Provider No. 00344J | CRICOS Provider: St Margaret’s School | Course Name: Secondary Years 7 – 12 | CRICOS Course Code: 019219C