Learning and wellbeing sit hand in hand at our school as we know that a happy, supported child is a child that is open to learning at their optimum.

The wellbeing of each child in our Junior School is managed by their classroom teacher as they are best placed to look after a young child’s emotional and learning needs. You have access, as you need, to your child’s classroom teacher, who will work in partnership with you to ensure your child’s needs are met.

Classroom teachers are not only supported by year-level coordinators and senior staff but also the school’s psychologists as required. As an accredited Resilience Project school, teachers and students are also able to leverage the wellbeing frameworks and tools of this renowned wellbeing program, designed for young children.

As a school we have a focus on leadership and character development, as we believe that the skills and traits developed in these areas assist in a child’s wellbeing today and into their future as an adult. It’s why we aim through our lens of our 4As of Academics, Athleticism, Adventure and Artistry to develop curiosity, confidence, courage, independence, influence, respect and resilience through the activities, sports and programs we offer every day.

As an accredited Resilience Project school, we focus on and share the benefits of Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness with our students as part of our everyday wellbeing program.