Working Group, Acknowledgements and References

Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group


  • Annette Rome (Principal/ Director)
  • Mary Holstock (Teacher Senior Schools)
  • Bronwyn Huisintveld (Teacher Senior Schools)
  • Natalie Petruccelli (Teacher Senior Schools)
  • Sean Pieper (Teacher Senior Schools)
  • Sandra Coburn (Teacher Junior School)
  • Debbie- Rae Cameron (Teacher Senior Schools)
  • Sue Eden (Teacher ELC)

Students Committee Members

  • Elizabeth Day
  • Ida Gaulke
  • Hena Zohab
  • Sanya Verma
  • Mehaa Patel
  • Mehr Ali
  • Phoebe Thompson
  • Anika Raj
  • River Dixon
  • Angus Bares
  • Connor Beck
  • Oliver Dillon
  • Darcy Dillion
  • Angelo Kalomiris
  • Ruby Hayes
  • Irene Danny
  • Sarah O’Connor


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About our Art

The design showcases a story, encased in the body of the indigenous Bunjil. The image features many indigenous symbols such as kangaroo tracks, boomerangs and seated men and women. The rough patterning from the left wing traversing into the clear, with men and women sitting one around another alike current school assembly’s. This is intended to represent the difficult time and hardship of all which fades into clear with animal tracks aimed towards the right. This shows the value of community and its progression from indigenous culture to present school congregations.