Our Careers Team focuses on the needs of every student, recognising that professional aspirations and career goals vary for everyone.

While we have strong relationships with universities across Victoria and beyond, with 95 - 98 percent of our students choosing to go on to further study. Typically over half our students choosing to go to a Group of 8 University (Monash or Melbourne), we recognise that, as an open entry school, university is not for everyone. Our senior students are exposed to many opportunities to consider life beyond formal schooling including work experience, links to part time employment and our SPARC curriculum. (Student Pathways and Researching Careers)

Our Careers Team focuses on building the skills young people need to plan and develop a career.

Our goal when it comes to career counciling is to assist students to:

  • Understand and manage their career planning
  • Develop the skills, knowledge and capabilites to make informed career’s decisions
  • Apply their learning to achieve educational and career aspirations; and
  • Build resilience in thier capacity to manage change through their lives

Students primarily commence their careers engagement in Year 9 as part of the school’s holistic Odyssey program. During this 18 month development program students will be introduced to the and foster the career skills they need. This starts with students commencing to use the schools career website, building an Eportfolio and using a range of other tools to build their understand and skill base. Towards the end of the Odyssey program students will complete job research, undertake work experience and attend tertiary open days.

This building of skills continues through to VCE, with a range of engagement projects including the development of social enterprises.

Our Careers Team are experts at providing sound advice and realistic guidance, which is why so many of our students who have chosen to progress to tertiary education  are able to join a course in their top 3 choices.

Careers support does not end at Year 12. Many students continue to seek advice as they progress to and through the early parts of their tertiary education or early careers.

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A path for everyone

We also recognise that university is not the right choice for all students. Some students choose different paths which may be through the TAFE system or starting their own business following their entrepreneurial spirit. The Careers Team helps them on these journeys in the same way they do as those seeking university entrance.

Careers Tool

Careers Tool

Outcomes and Universities

Outcomes and Universities