St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar provides high-quality wellbeing programs, giving students the best possible support as they learn and grow.

Our Senior Girls' wellbeing program aspires to nurture, guide and support our students as they strive to discover the best version of themselves. It is informed by the latest research, is contextually specific to the needs of our students and draws upon the finest traditions and heritage of our great school. It acknowledges and celebrates the emerging emotional, mental and physical needs of adolescent girls at various stages of their development and learning. An approach to student wellbeing at our School is expressed both in the formal curriculum, delivered through our House and Mentor System which delivers our Ëmpower program but also evident in the strong relationships which emerge between our caring staff and their students.

Our wellbeing program brings together a student’s pastoral care and academic progress.

The House System

The cornerstone of our wellbeing program is our House system which provides longitudinal pastoral support to a student throughout their St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar journey. Find out more about the House system.

Through our House and Mentor programs, every student has a designated teacher who is directly responsible for her wellbeing. Together with other key wellbeing staff including Heads of House and the Head of Wellbeing, these teachers act as a focal point across a larger network of support staff for students.

Our holistic approach to education and wellbeing means that Academics, Athleticism, Artistry and Adventure programs are linked, designed to progressively build students’ relationships, strengths, purposes, and resilience to ensure the best possible outcomes from a wellbeing and educational perspective.

Every student is well supported at each stage of their schooling and development.

Our wellbeing program brings together a student’s pastoral care and academic progress.

The House system is further supported by formal whole of campus programs that include:

Directors of Academic Growth

Our Directors of Academic Growth drive student academic outcomes by using data to understand individual and cohort trends. They work seamlessly with teachers, mentors and students to ensure students reach their potential. They also bring the academic perspective to the Wellbeing Team ensuring they have a 360 degree view of each student.


The school also has two dedicated school psychologists to further support students. Appointments are generally available through the Heads of Houses to ensure a holistic approach is achieved. Psychologists may be used for a variety of reasons that a teen may be facing in their school, home, or personal lives.

Sick Bay

Each campus has dedicated, well stocked sick bays overseen by experienced staff members trained in first aid.

International Students

The school has a cohort of international students, which make up no more than 10% of the school’s population at any one time.  International students, because of culture, language and background bring a different lens to the school and it’s one that benefits the whole school staff, students, and wider community.

In addition to our standard support structures international students are further supported by our dedicated International Student coordinators, who may speak the student’s first language and who connect with Admissions, Heads of Houses, parents, and teachers.


Assemblies are student-led in conjunction with the Head of Wellbeing and are a key part of school life.  Assemblies provide an opportunity for students to showcase recent successes, talents, and outcomes. They are also an opportunity to galvanise and bring the student body together around specific values, tasks, or behaviours. Parents and prospective parents are invited to attend these weekly events which truly display the direction, heart, and values of the school.

Our 5c's of Wellbeing


The consistent leadership and presence of one House leader means that student and family issues are supported over time rather than year by year.


The House system strives to build community through consistent leadership, multi-year level mentorship groups, peer mentoring, the presence of siblings and House activities and competitions building strong connections over time.


Our intimate class sizes, mentor groups and house groupings ensure every student in known, valued and celebrated


Students from all ages and backgrounds socialise, mingle and learn in a whole House setting under the extended guidance of House Leaders and Mentors. Think of a House as your child’s home within the school.


Our dedicated program and philosophy of wellbeing has been developed for the needs of our students at various stages of their development and are age appropriate. The Wellbeing program also links in our Empowering Young Women program.