Debating is another of our strong programmes, designed to build confidence and the capacity to influence others through oratory and persuasive skills in a variety of forums, including healthy competition with students from rival schools. Our students are articulate, full of conviction and passion, enjoying the opportunity to express their ideas and engage with intellectually challenging concepts.

Debating is a team activity in which the students of St Margaret's Berwick Grammar excel and are encouraged to participate in. Students are challenged to develop and engage with logical arguments to present coherent persuasive perspectives. Debating is highly popular at our School and provides another forum for expression and excellence.

It is a great way to improve general knowledge, public speaking skills and the ability to be persuasive. It complements many of the skills learned in school. Students can take part in both social, directional (club) and competitive settings where they learn and practice their skills.

Students participating in debating learn to think critically about both sides of big issues and are encouraged to keep up to date with current affairs. The skills and knowledge developed are a great platform to participate in a range of other activities including being involved in TedX.

Debating is a great way to make friends and to get to know other debaters from other schools. It is also a very useful skill to take through to university and will significantly enrich a student’s education and the skills learned can help in group discussions, job interviews and writing papers.